Where Do You Start

Every time a person speaks to an audience, they must decide where to start. What are the introductory remarks? Sometimes that is a difficult decision. There are times a mental debate occurs to find the ideal starting place. Most individuals begin with thorough, thoughtful planning of the content to be presented. As the presentation progresses, the emotions of the situation can seize control and unplanned words just pour out.

When you were young, you may have suffered consequences for not telling the truth. I did, how about you? My parents wanted to build moral character in me. When a person comes into God’s family, their personality begins to change by their ability to be truthful. Everything rises and falls on that principle.

So, what does the Lord have to say concerning starting? Three scriptures come to mind with the same premise. All of them are in the book of John. First, in 1:14, “And the Word (Jesus) became flesh and dwelt among us . . .full of grace and truth.” Then in verse 17, “But grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.” Finally, in 14:6, “Jesus said to him (Thomas), I am the way, the truth, and the life.” Jesus emphasized the truth. This principle is foundational to every society.

One of the great things about truth is you do not have to remember the lie you told. When a person lies to hide the fact, any fact, sooner or later, they will forget the lie that they said. Or maybe they tell so many lies they get confused about what is the truth and what is the lie. That’s a sad fact in which some people get trapped; however, there are people who fall into that category. 

How does this personality trait impact society? When the truth is not there, doubt is. If uncertainty is present, then trust is absent. Honesty is the substance on which everything stands. Homes, churches, and governments also thrive on that standard. Without this foundation, all parts of society eventually crumble. It begins with an obscure crack that keeps getting bigger and bigger. Then, it becomes visible, sometime in the future, without a remedy.

It’s a subtle thing, but do you remember who told the first lie? Satan, serpent, Lucifer whatever you call him. Scripture calls him the father of lies (John 8:44). Too many people get caught up in his deception. They always hurt themselves by doing so. It is a hard lesson to learn, and there are times the consequences are expensive in more ways than one.

So, where do you start? The answer will always be the truth. Please do not let that truth escape you.

Author: Frank

The Christian life is an adventure. It’s also a journey. Frank’s pilgrimage has been a lifelong endeavor in helping others in their spiritual walk. His foundation of biblical communication (teaching, preaching and writing) has taken his passion to another step, blogging. It is intended that these blogs will enrich your life and it is hoped that you will pass them on to encourage others.

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