The unseen element of humanity. Perhaps as a parent, grandparent, or teacher, you have seen the potential in a child and said to yourself, “That child has potential.” You see something that is unique, but attention-getting. Perhaps the suspect is quiet, unsure, even introverted. Then perchance, you have seen quite the opposite. Extroverted, outgoing, an attention-getter, even obnoxiously self-confident. There can be a third group. These blend into the group. Nothing seems to stand out. But inside their minds, there is imagination. Inwardly wheels are turning, but the outward appearance seems dormant. 

Years pass, sometimes decades then the bud blossoms. Self-confidence has sprouted. Their wings begin to soar.

Christians can be like that.

Jesus spent three years nurturing 12 men. We have the writings of Matthew, John, and Peter. The others seemed to disappear in scripture, yet each one has a part in turning the world upside down for Christ. Just because they did not write books in the Bible doesn’t mean that they were nonproducers in God’s army. 

It’s the unknowns that may have crowns with the most jewels to give to Jesus. These nobodies were faithful and used by God to make a difference in others for the Lord. They were parents, grandparents, friends, coworkers, neighbors, old military buddies, and classmates. There was something about them that stood out and inspired you. Something that gave you confidence. That reassurance that you could do something great for God. Yes, for God.

The Lord of the universe is still looking for people to work in His vineyard. He sees your potential. He wants to give you that nudge to get you started.

If we are willing to take that one step of faith, God will help you on your journey. He’s been waiting patiently for you to say yes. When you do say yes to God, that is when He will strengthen you. Enable you. Teach you. Bless you. Empower you. He will cause you to accomplish more than you’ve ever dreamed. 

So, get ready to walk where He directs with you trusting Him each step of the way and depending upon Him for your daily guidance, strength, and courage.

God wants to use you. Will you let Him?

Author: Frank

The Christian life is an adventure. It’s also a journey. Frank’s pilgrimage has been a lifelong endeavor in helping others in their spiritual walk. His foundation of biblical communication (teaching, preaching and writing) has taken his passion to another step, blogging. It is intended that these blogs will enrich your life and it is hoped that you will pass them on to encourage others.

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