Sometimes zeal is appreciated, and other times, it offends. The motive may be right, but the procedure isn’t, nor is the timing. No one knows everything, and everything we attempt for the first time is an experiment. Sometimes we are successful, and sometimes our zeal seems to fail. When trying to help, we wander into a minefield. It looks like our help explodes in our face, even if our intentions are genuine.

Failure is a great lesson if we learn from it. But what did you learn from it? Hopefully, not to repeat it, but don’t quit trying to make this world a better place or to help someone. If you are a helper and it is not appreciated, do not let it discourage you or make you bitter. It is always good to be kind even if some people take advantage of you. Keep on being helpful to even some not so nice people.

Some lessons are hard to learn. One of the toughest ones to understand is that you cannot help everyone. Some people do not want your help. Then, there are times that we do not have the resources or know-how to give support in that particular area. An important take away is don’t feel guilty about it.

Lessons learned in our zeal can be beneficial to us and the ones we are trying to help. Maturity and knowledge are a never-ending, lifelong process. We all need assistance in our journey of life at times. None of us have arrived at the place where we know it all or have the resources to help everyone. Even if we have the resources, it may not be the best thing to give that help. Some of the best lessons in life are learned and experienced without the support of others. The experience gained in the process is beyond any monetary benefit.

The zeal to get us going is a God-given gift, and the journey is what makes life so valuable. Along the way, we can meet some marvelous people and learn some useful lessons. Lessons we can cherish and teach others.

What we pass on to those who follow behind us is part of the rewards of being grateful. These benefits are a by-product of your sincere zeal. A zeal to learn is a reason to help others directly or indirectly. Zeal’s energy can become a passion for benefiting generations to come. One of the highest privileges we have is helping those who will walk where we have walked and to follow where we are going.

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