Yes or No – It’s Your Choice

He was doing what he was supposed to do. Tending sheep.

Moses was his name. He was in the middle of nowhere. A bush was burning in front of him, but not turning to ashes. 

Out of curiosity, Moses went to see this phenomenon. It was then that God called Moses out of the Bush. Moses replied, “Here I am.” (Exodus 3:4) 

Then God said two things. “Do not come near,” and “Take off your sandals.”

Moses approached the Holy ground. The place where God spoke at this instant and later when Moses received the Ten Commandments.

It was decision time for Moses. Obey God or disobey God. Yes, to God is always better than telling God no. Things go better for an individual when they say yes to God. 

Moses was barefooted, standing on holy ground, and he said yes to God. Had Moses said no to God, he would have missed out on future blessings. Maybe the story of Moses would have been left out of the Bible. Perhaps the first five books of the Old Testament would not be written. But Moses said yes. A “yes” response to God always has far-reaching effects. It did for Moses, and it will work for you and me.

It all started because Moses was curious. When he heard God’s voice, he listened and obeyed. Moses removed his sandals. 

Each time God speaks to our hearts, it’s decision time. We either say yes or no. If yes, God uses us somehow for His purpose and glory. If we say no to God, we miss out. 

It’s okay to be curious with God. Mary asks, how can I have a child when I am a virgin? She accepted the Lord’s explanation even though she didn’t understand. 

Most of us struggle with saying yes to God. Moses struggled in saying yes to God and going to Pharaoh scared him. Leading God’s people frightened him. Fright will make us depend upon God, and it is good to be scared when God instructs us. 

The pondering point for us, “Will we do what God wants us to do?” The answer is always our choice. Our decision will affect our eternal rewards and others also.

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