What Does It Take?

The Bible gives a number of illustrations of God speaking to individuals. It could be an audible voice, like Paul on the Damascus Road. It was a once in a lifetime happening. Salvation is a once in an eternity event. It is unforgettable. 

Moses had a burning bush experience. A bush was burning, but not being consumed. So, Moses had to go and see. His curiosity led him to an encounter with God. After a lengthy conversation and lots of excuses, Moses finally said yes to God. The Lord truly is patient to allow any man to rationalize with Him before saying yes. The Lord does not mind an honest inquiry.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, questioned how she could have a child without knowing a man. Upon the explanation, she said yes. No more questions. A real example of faith in action.

The apostle Paul, known previously as Saul, had an encounter with the Lord on the Damascus Road. Jesus asked him why was he persecuting Him? To get Paul’s undivided attention, Paul was blind for three days. That had to make Paul think. After his sight returned, he served the Lord for years. Now think about the number of people who prayed that Paul might quit persecuting believers. There had to be thousands of unnamed Christians praying for him.

Fast forward 2000 years. Can you hear the Lord’s voice? Would you say that God doesn’t speak to people that way today? Maybe that’s your opinion, but I know differently. No, I’m not crazy, but I know how He gets my attention. He speaks to my heart. Let me tell you about some of the ways He speaks to me.

When the Lord speaks, it’s always with some divine intervention. Someone shows up at just the right time unannounced. The appearance may be in person, or someone felt the need to pray for you. Whatever your need, someone is interceding for you. God uses people to help other people. 

The overlooked thing about divine intervention is other people. Somewhere an individual or individuals are praying for you. They may be next door or hundreds, maybe thousands, of miles away, and you have no idea that they are praying for you. All you know is that you get your answer to your prayer. You thank God for his divine intervention.

Maybe the next answer to your prayer, you will take the time to say thank you to the God of heaven for speaking to someone to pray for you. Oh,! God, would you tell them I said thank you should be my prayer.

So, maybe when our incredible Lord speaks to your heart about a particular individual, you will stop whatever you are doing and offer a prayer for them. God will impress your heart with the person and their needs.

That is part of the law of sowing and reaping. We can all talk about it in eternity. What a delightful conversation that will be when we are reminiscing how our God got our attention to pray for someone else at a specific time.

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