Slammed Doors

Being pushed out into the cold without a coat can be a chilling experience. It may not be the winter season, but the occasion will send cold chills through you. The push outside was unexpected and hearing the door slam behind you has a vibrating memory. That memory plays in your mind over and over. You will never enter those doors again. 

The hurt did not leave broken bones or sprains or visible bruises. But the unseen pain is still there. In time, the pain and the memories will fade. A new door of opportunity stands before you. An opportunity that you would have never tried in your past. God has used the circumstances of life to get you to this place. A scary one; however, one where you have never ventured before. 

The all-knowing God has placed you on a new porch. A newly developed opportunity is right in front of you. It is there because God allowed the past to happen to you. The events of your history now seem like a fading stream of vapor. It arose and then disappeared. It made you stronger, wiser, and more tenderhearted.

The new addition to your heart has comforted you. It helped you to sleep better at night, giving you a contagious freshness and vitality. Others wonder what happened to you. The outpouring of goodness from your heart is invigorating, even infectious.

The past hurt that seemed so wrong has helped you to be in a place of peace, soul-enriching peace, that you would have never known unless you heard the slamming of the door behind you. Now you’re off to the new horizon in front of you. Do not be afraid to open the new door that God has placed before you.

Do Not Be Afraid, I Am With You
“You Are Mine”

Song by David Haas