We live in a day when things go wrong and it is always somebody else’s fault. No one wants to accept responsibility for their actions. Society is good at pointing fingers. That kind of thinking started developing when we were young. Incredibly young for some. Through the years, we improved in making better excuses. 

Somewhere through the years, we matured chronologically. But did we grow in maturity? Did our mental capacity catch up to our physical stature—and to an acceptable level of know-how? It is only then—we can take responsibility—the kind expected by our society.

The foundation for responsibility is “truth”—everything worthwhile and lasting rests upon this principle. Being truthful builds character, and character leads to trust. The truth is always best, regardless of the situation. Even if it is not accepted or wanted, its message is plain and unshakable.

If your message is pure, your character can be challenged but never destroyed. Even blemished in the eyes of many, but in God’s eyes, it is highly esteemed. Joseph, in the Bible, comes to mind. He eventually rose to the top of his society, but slavery and prison did not change his character. He was above reproach, even in those situations.

Helping others just because its right is always noticed by the Lord, even when it’s not convenient. Actions do accent your outward public character.

But what about the nonpublic part of you? The part others never see. The private part of your life that only God can see. The practice which heaven will reveal for all eternity. The closet prayer, just you and God, and no one else. The place where the heart of your soul comes alive.

What is your heart’s desire? Where will God allow you to reveal it? Helping someone may be your answer. It doesn’t have to be physical or financial help. It can be spiritual. You can ask God to intervene in an individual’s life for their protection, healing, or to be moldable for God’s work. 

I believe that I am what I am today because of my grandmother’s prayers. I cannot prove it and will not know the answer until I get to heaven, but I believe it. She took the responsibility to pray. 

Responsibility can have far-reaching effects if one would take it seriously. Each step you take can lead to another, and then another, then to where you are today. But it all started when you were willing to be truthful with yourself and God.

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