Every saint of God has individuals who know how to drive us to the brink of insanity. They seem to know what irritates us and enjoy doing it. To overcome their irritation, you search for answers. You may even ask for advice from someone you respect and trust. 

The Bible has the answer—where? Paul writes to believers in Ephesians six. Verses ten through twenty are about protective armor, our spiritual armor. He mentions two weapons and who is to use them. The clue is in the word “all.” Verse 18 uses this three-letter word with prayer, perseverance, and the saints (believers).

Our protection begins with prayer. It is the greatest weapon in God’s arsenal. Prayer, diligent prayer can conquer any enemy. The second weapon is perseverance, which is the main subject of this discussion. The last application involves all believers. For us to be who God wants us to be, we need a divine shield. Prayer and perseverance are the weapons available to every saint, the redeemed believer. 

Now to our subject, perseverance. Its underlying importance is that this word is found only once in the New Testament both in the Greek, the original language of the New Testament, and in most translations. What is your definition of the word? Mine would never be quitting regardless of the circumstances. 

Life has a way of discouraging every believer sometimes. Circumstances seem insurmountable. People disappoint us, even ones close to us. Yet God is still in control. He is working on our behalf, even if we cannot see it. Sometimes, we ask, “why is this happening?” Am I being punished for something? We usually have an event in our lives, which causes us to think like this. Yes, we may be enduring punishment for forgiven sins (for example, you robbed a bank, you are in prison, now you are going to serve the time for the crime even though God has forgiven you. A lousy example, but you get the point). 

Even in unfortunate circumstances, God is still with you. In these surroundings, you can shine the brightest for the Lord. People will be amazed at your spiritual strength. Notably, the peace you have, it is beyond their reasoning power. 

Persevere regardless, and yes, it may be hard. You will hurt inside. But God is greater than the circumstances and the pain. Usually, during this time, God is preparing us to help another who is about to go through a similar situation. Our wonderful Lord will use this hurt to help others. 

So, thank God for the events in your life, regardless. Persevere, God is with you. He promised never to leave you or forsake you. It is a promise He will always keep.