Our Steps

When you look at a picture, what do you see? Is it a picture that fits in your wallet? Maybe it’s one in a collage. It could be a five by six in a group of others on your wall. It could be a large centerpiece with smaller ones surrounding it. But then it could be a massive work of art occupying the dominant place in your great room. Whichever it is, it draws your undivided attention. There is something about it, pulling you towards it. 

But when it comes to life, can we see the big picture? Do we see where we fit? Are we the little picture tucked away in the wallet for only a few to see, or are we the glaring portrait on the wall? Just where do we fit? Most of us do not know exactly. We go along with the flow taking in whatever comes along. But is that how it’s supposed to be? 

What is your God-given mission in life? Have you ever thought about it? Now that I have journeyed down life’s road a bit, I can see more clearly where I fit. All the experiences, the bumps on the way, and the hilltops have all had a place. Even when I have wandered off on my own, each brought a lesson to learn and share—which have helped others along their way. I’m now doing for others, what some did for me along my journey.

It is encouraging to share and to reflect. The path may be different, but is rich in opportunities. Only the participants are different. But this is still God’s world. I’m just one of the many God is nudging along to be used of Him in a small way, yet, in a big way in the lives of some that we touch.  It is encouraging to realize God is directing our steps even when we do not know it.

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