It's Past Time, Really Late

It has been one of those weeks. Busy, crazy busy, or maybe it was busy crazy.

Where did the week go? Almost everything fell into place. However, one thing fell through the cracks. I’m doing it now, trying to play catch up. 

Have you ever been behind? 

Sure, you have. Everyone has.

So, what did you do? I just decided to relax. I watched an old movie on TV. One of those sweet tear-jerker ones. The kind where the main character gets stepped on all through life. Finally, the hero comes to the rescue.

Life has seasons where things do not always work out. Some people never have a saint come marching in. Life seems to beat them up every way they turn.

How does one keep going? 

As a wannabe published author, I keep pitching my book proposal. So far, I am batting a 1,000–a perfect score. I have been turned down by every editor and agent. Should I quit? Not a chance.

There is a mission and purpose to my madness. To be obedient to my Lord. 

I was even told by one editor, recently, not to use the word “Lord” in my writing. Her reasoning was the millennials think that lord refers to the “Lord of the Rings.” My assurance comes from scripture. “No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God” (Luke 9:62 NKJV). What does that mean? To me, simply do not quit.

God’s family has lots of people who have become discouraged and dropped out of sight. That’s a shame. Good people have let cruel people become strong discouragers.

But God’s grace is always enough. He allows second, third, and fourth chances. He is understanding. That is the way He is. Maybe it is time to let the God of the universe take care of things.

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