He Is Not Finished With You

Discouragement happens. It comes into our lives. Sometimes it creeps in, then other times it rushes in. We don’t know how or why it finds us, but it does. It seems to know where we are. Home, work, church, are places where it looms. We need to realize it is temporary. Maybe a short temporary or possibly a long temporary. 

Right is still right, and wrong is always wrong. We know that in our head. Circumstances in life squirm their way into our heads. What we know to be a Bible principle waves in our face. We reason in our mind, “Wouldn’t it be better to bend just a little.” It would bring peace at least outwardly, but there is that gnawing in our innards, something isn’t right. There is no peace of mind. 

So, what is right? What do we do? When human reason fails, and it does, where do we go? Some say pray; others, read your Bible. Some say seek someone else’s opinion. 

Our spiritual growth can sway in the wind of social circumstances. If the roots are deep, the outward limbs may bend, but those roots go deep to the living water—God’s Word. Our emotional limbs may be in turmoil, but our roots hold firm.

Yes, is the magic word. Yes, to God, not self. Yes, when it doesn’t make sense. Yes, because God wants us to agree with Him. The men of Israel did not say yes to God in Amos 8:11. They refused the Almighty. So, God sent a spiritual famine to the land. God’s word wasn’t heard or honored in Israel for centuries. They suffered the consequences of God’s silence.

Faithfulness is God’s measuring stick for eternal rewards. How is your dedication to reading the Bible, and to prayer? You know, and God knows. It’s not the accumulation of things or the reputation you have (I Timothy 6:10). It is your heart with God. Have your possessions crushed your relationship with the Lord? It happened to the Church of Laodicea (Revelation 3:17). Its members became preoccupied with things, not their relationship with the Lord.

Through all his struggles (II Corinthians 11:23-27), Paul remained faithful until his death. He was never rich in earthly goods, but he was faithful to God until the end.

Life may seem unfair to you. Your circumstances may be adverse, and your health may be lacking; however, in the big picture, your faithfulness to God makes you rich in the Lord.

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