Good And Very Good

Discovery is finding something out previously unknown. It is an eye-opener. You ask, why haven’t I seen this before? Familiarity and prior knowledge did not see it. For years and years, you have overlooked this detail.

Genesis chapter one describes creation. It gives the day-by-day account of the creator and his work week.  

On day one, God created light. Then on day two, the heavens, evening, and morning, were formed. On the third day, the dry land with vegetation and the seas came about. God placed the sun and moon in the heavens on the fourth day. On day five, the Lord produced the inhabitants of the waters and the sky. The land animals came about, and then man was formed to complete day six. On the last day of the week, God rested.

The creation sequence reveals some notable insights. Every day God created, he said it was good except on day two. Our creator does not express his evaluation of the expanse. Day three states, God said it was good twice. Then the final day, God created the land animals and said it was good. The capstone of his creation—man—God said Adam was very good. 

So, what is the takeaway from the days of creation? God had good days, an okay day, and a good and very good day. Should we expect our days to be any different from our Lord? We cannot have great days every day. They are the exception, not the rule. Every day we breathe is a good day. It is a day to serve our Lord. 

God set an excellent example before us; he rested one day. We need to follow his example and put aside the cares of this world—rest the body and worship him.

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