God Is In Control

Do you really believe this title? Many will answer no. But I do believe He is in charge of everything. All things do work together for good to those who love Him (Romans 8:28). That is a hard verse for some to understand and that includes me. When circumstances are unexplainable, beyond our reasoning ability, that’s the Bible reference for me to claim.

When finances go awry, sickness comes, huge disagreements are had with someone and the list goes on and on, how do you go on? Some just put on their shoes and start walking. Others want to analyze everything. Then, there are a few who give up. Hopefully, some will pray and wait for the Lord to answer BEFORE doing anything. Prayer helps, especially in times of tumult.

Not only can prayer help, but also reading your Bible. I can remember years ago in my spiritual immaturity, the situation demanded an answer that I didn’t have. So, I prayed a short prayer and asked God to show me His will. I picked up my Bible and just randomly opened it up and looked on the open page for His answer. There it was—a verse—that was the solution. That was the first and only time I sought His response in that way. I would not recommend it for everyone, but it worked for me that time. Since then, I wait for the Lord to work things out in His timing.

Whatever your situation, let God be in charge. The Lord knows best. He also knows the timetable in which to work. I have found repeatedly, He knows what and when to do His work so that He gets the credit for His work. That is an important lesson for each of His children to learn regardless of our age.

Interestingly, God has revealed to my heart He knows what He is doing no matter what I think. The big word omniscience (my definition—He knows everything) brings an expanded understanding to my little brain. Learning by faith to trust Him is a great thing to practice. I hope you can trust Him more.

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