Compassion for others is disappearing. Is this an isolated observation, or is it true everywhere? Is it a sign of the times, the callousness of today’s society, or a generational thing? It seems the older I get, the less I see of this godly trait. 

Compassion is usually expressed by showing concern, support, or aid to one who is suffering. A good illustration would be the Good Samaritan in Luke 10. Not only did he give immediate assistance, but he was willing to pay for extended aid. His compassion was not for a friend or a relative, but a total stranger. Was this incident a once in a lifetime practice? One would think this man was a regular in expressing compassion.

The Psalmist relates the Lord’s feeling for Israel in Psalm 78. The list of wanderings away from God are listed. It does not matter what the Lord does for us. We seem to forget and wander away from Him again. God’s kindness for His children is vital for our well-being. The Lord remembers that we are flesh with all its weaknesses. Yet even in this, His compassion does not fail for his children. 

King David, in his writings, reflected upon the Lord’s heart. David said God was full of compassion (Psalm 86:15). The Lord showed it by His graciousness, patience, mercy, and in His slowness of anger toward us. God has a great love for His people. The Lord’s faithful servants realize the Lord’s caring spirit. Our God is willing to go the extra mile for those who love Him. 

By realizing God’s compassion for us as believers, can we express the same kindness to others? Actions do speak louder than words. It may not be a sum of money you give, but the time you are willing to share. It could be changing a tire, fixing a meal for someone, caring for a sick neighbor. Your thoughtful deed demonstrates compassion. Whether friend, foe, or stranger, a kind deed works wonders in the heart of any man. Because people have been kind to you, you can pay it forward by being kind to others. One thing is for sure, compassion shows the heart. The recipient never forgets the expression of your heart.

So, is empathy disappearing? I hope not because we should be demonstrating compassion every day.

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