Being Purposeful

I can go there only for a while. Stay there until my project is complete. Hopefully, completely complete. In order for me to accomplish my purpose, I usually need quietness (aloneness, no one around to interrupt). My brain works better without interruption (conversations, music, etc.). “This one thing I do,” was Paul’s ultimate focus in Philippians 3:13. This verse reminds us to forget the past because it diverts our attention from the present. The task at hand is of immediate purpose. 

David asked a specific favor of the Lord. It was simple, thoughtful, and intentional. He wanted to dwell in the Lord’s house. He desired the companionship of the Lord (Psalms 27:4,5). The servant of God sought the Lord in prayer (v-7). He was willing to wait on the Lord to answer his requests (v-14). David gave us a great example—wait for God to answer our prayers.

Patience is a trait many Christians need to develop. Especially when waiting on God to intervene in the affairs of man.

The rich, young ruler in Mark 10 had all the worldly possessions any human could ever need. Yet, he was not at total peace with God. He needed an eternal purpose. What we do here on earth for Jesus will always have a lasting effect and heavenly rewards. It is one thing to have everlasting life, but having eternal rewards requires drive. What we do here and now is our basis for those heavenly rewards. 

A great example of divine purpose is in the episode of Martha and Mary. Martha was busy preparing to serve Jesus and his disciples. Mary sat before the Lord, absorbing his every word. Martha asked Jesus to tell Mary to help her. Jesus, in his gentle way, said Mary chose to learn the spiritual rather than prepare the meal. The spiritual always outweighs the temporary needs of man (Mark 10:41,42). 

Our Lord, through Peter, related time as viewed through the Lord’s eyes. Jesus is patient with this human race. He does not want anyone to die without repentance (II Peter 3:9). He is willing to wait for a man to repent. But our time is limited to life. What we do for Christ, or do not do, will last for eternity.

So, it is purposeful for God’s children to focus on being obedient to him. Paul conveyed his focus. “This one thing I do.” He wanted his purpose to be all about God. 

May each of us have the same.