A Precious Memory

Our lives are full of valuable things. Some of them cost a large amount of money. Usually the most valuable things are the ones without a huge price tag. They are things that came along as a gift from someone you hold in high esteem. It could be a photograph of a loved one. Maybe an object that was treasured by a loved one. Both possess a sentimental value.

I have in my possession five or six marbles. Yes, marbles. They are clay marbles that an Aunt gave to me 60 plus years ago. They were antiques. Their dollar value is minimal. The memories they hold are of great importance to me because they bring back memories of my grandmother’s homestead. Whatever brings back an old memory has a special place in your heart. 

Peter comes to mind. On the night of our Lord’s betrayal, Peter denied the Lord three different times. When the rooster crowed that morning, Peter remembered the Lord’s prediction of his upcoming denials. 

Somehow, even forgiveness cannot erase the memory of the offense. I imagine every time Peter heard any rooster crow, he remembered that night. Because of the Lord’s precious forgiveness, Peter never denied the Lord again.

When Peter wrote part of the Bible in what we know as first Peter, he included a reference describing the preciousness of the Lord. In chapter two, verse six, he described Jesus as the chief cornerstone, elect and precious. In second Peter 1:1, the Apostle described his faith as precious to those who have obtained like precious faith. This was a fresh reminder to Peter and every believer of the cost of our salvation.

Our redemption did not cost you and me anything. We are the recipients of the cost which He paid for us. Whenever I read of Jesus’ crucifixion, it reminds me of His affection. A genuine love for me and every believer. 

As we reflect on special memories, may we remember the one memory which changed our lives for eternity? Jesus was paying our sin debt. Hopefully, every day we live, we are making good eternal memories.

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