Baseball and Christianity

Baseball and Christianity may be a strange comparison, yet there are some similarities. Most people watch the game from a safe distance. They are observing and examining to see if it piques their curiosity more. They tend to see if the participants are committed or casual players, whether a pick-up game or an organized game. If the latter, what are the expectations? How much is required? Those are basic observations.

In organized baseball, many begin with Little League, where you learn the basics. First, you develop elementary skills, then, you decide what position interest you. Lastly, you determine where you are the best fit. Do you like the coach? Is he a good coach for you?

Hopefully, as you participate, you learn not just the fundamental skills, but how to interact with your teammates. Then, as your skills improve, you must decide if baseball is for you or should you move on to another area of life. 

For those who go on, their commitment level deepens, and preparatory skills develop further. Not everybody has the deep-down desire to advance their skills. That is the leveling-off point of development.

These basic thoughts resemble believers. Some watch from a distance. Others show up in the Lord’s house occasionally. Others become committed spectators attending their place of worship faithfully. Some become deeply involved in serving in their range of interest. Then, others are growing in areas where they never imagined. The pool of growing committed Christians becomes smaller and smaller as time goes by. Over the years of dedication, the fires may flicker and cool off.

Busyness in serving is never a substitute for a daily time in God’s word. Seldom do people go an entire day without physical nourishment, but many believers will do it spiritually. Bible reading is a plate of spiritual food for nourishing your spiritual skills, which allows you to strengthen your church.

If your fire for serving is flickering, reexamine your time in scripture and prayer. Usually, there is a correlation.

May the Lord keep your spiritual fire burning brightly for him.

Author: Frank

The Christian life is an adventure. It’s also a journey. Frank’s pilgrimage has been a lifelong endeavor in helping others in their spiritual walk. His foundation of biblical communication (teaching, preaching and writing) has taken his passion to another step, blogging. It is intended that these blogs will enrich your life and it is hoped that you will pass them on to encourage others.

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