The God of the Impossible

God can do anything! We have been taught that for as long as I can remember. I believe it. Our Lord can:

  • Turn a shepherd’s staff into a snake (Exodus 4:3).
  • Divide the Red Sea (Exodus 14:16,21).
  • Bring water out of a rock (Exodus 17:6).
  • Guide a stone to a giant’s forehead (I Samuel 17:49).
  • Send down fire from heaven for Elijah (I Kings 18:38).
  • Shut the mouths of lions (Daniel 6:22).
  • Make water so hard that Peter could walk on it (Matthew 14:28,29).
  • Open prison doors and remove chains from prisoners (Acts 5:19 and 12:7).

All these are examples of God doing the impossible. Yet each one has a similarity. They are inanimate objects. Life is God’s breath (Genesis 2:7); every breath is a gift from God. The air belongs to him.

So, how does the Almighty work with humans? Yes, our Great, Great, Great… Grandfather, Adam, came from dirt. God knew when Abel’s blood tarnished the good earth. He watched Enoch and thought so much of him he took him to heaven bypassing death. He fed Elijah with the help of the ravens. Protected David from a lion, bear, and King Saul. He made Solomon the wisest man on earth. Our Lord blessed Sarah and Elizabeth with a child in their old age.

All the above were the work of God in revealing he would protect and provide for his children. God is a miracle worker. But there is something he will not do. Yes, you read that right. God records in his inerrant Bible something he cannot do. The book of Titus in its second verse, states God cannot lie. Whatever our heavenly Father says is the truth. Occasionally, the Lord does change his mind. Isaiah informed Hezekiah he would die, but God extended his life for another 15 years (II Kings 20:4-6).

God, in his compassionate manner, frees the asking saint from the penalty of his sin. He describes it as putting the forgiven sin as far as the east is from the west (Psalms 103:12). Think about it. If I started driving west, where would I find the beginning of west. When I reached the Pacific Ocean there is still more west. There is no location where the east meets the west. The Lord adds that he erases our forgiven sins from his memory (Isaiah 43:25, Hebrews 8:12). God does not erase the sins of everybody because individuals must come to him voluntarily. When we want forgiveness, we must ask for it. He is ready and able to forgive. We must step out by faith and come to his open arms.

Author: Frank

The Christian life is an adventure. It’s also a journey. Frank’s pilgrimage has been a lifelong endeavor in helping others in their spiritual walk. His foundation of biblical communication (teaching, preaching and writing) has taken his passion to another step, blogging. It is intended that these blogs will enrich your life and it is hoped that you will pass them on to encourage others.

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